You can become whatever you want – well almost

On November 5, Jets wide receive Wayne Chrebet suffered one of his many concussions while playing against the San Diego Chargers. However this time it was to be his last concussion. So affected was he by this concussion that his team doctors retired him from the game for good. They were unwilling to take responsibility for his health anymore.

Three years later in the fall of 2008 Wayne had reinvented himself to become a financial adviser at Morgan Stanley.

His journey from a jock to a quant guy is an inspiring story of persistence and reinvention. Also it was anything but easy. “I’d rather get punched in the face 10 times than take these tests again” Wayne was quoted in the Wall Street Journal. For three months Wayne Wayne put in 8 hour days preparing for his brokerage and securities licenses, taking practice test after practice test. Such a drastic transition required unrelenting focus, mental toughness, self discipline and work ethic. Traits that had helped him become one of the most popular Jet players. Traits that an emerging field of peak performance study has revealed to be key to excel at anything.

Wayne’s journey captures two important themes I blogged about recently one is Steve Chandler’s very persuasive take on why we humans are amenable to reinvention. The other is Geoff Colvin’s summary on three decades of peak performance research.

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