Wow Yourself

I am reading the book ‘Cash In A Flash’ by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen.

I have just completed the first chapter and will make another blog post once I complete the whole book.

But I learned so much in chapter 1 that I just had to share :)

The title of the book might give you an impression that this is another get rich quick scheme which is actually the last thing the authors are suggesting. Even to make cash in a flash you need to have a great foundation. There are 3 qualities that create a great foundation: – Mind, Heart and Team.

Mind is not the brain but what you think about money and success.

Heart is not the pound of muscle beating away in your chest but what you feel about money and success.

This chapter also had some homework. I had to spend 60 seconds on each of the following questions:

- What does it mean to be single minded
- What does it mean to be wholeheartedly committed to an objective
- List three things you achieved despite great odds
- List three things that you did not achieve

Now I have a regrettable habit. I read books for entertainment and not to indulge in hard thinking. I have been working on changing that and I was glad I took the time to answer the questions.

The authors had a good reason for asking the questions in the first place.

The first 2 questions clarified and reinforced what it means to really focus on achieving something.
The 3 rd question helped me identify the things I did right.
The 4th, the things I did not do right.

I am all prepped for the rest of the book.

An unanticipated bonus was that answering question # 3 gave me a big boost of self esteem and a ‘can do’ attitude.

I urge you to check out the above questions especially question #3. The answers will be a nice addition to your success journal.

What you don’t have one then I urge you to create that one too!

Go on wow yourself!

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