With God everything is possible – Why Joel Osteen is better than Prozac!

I have never been much of a spiritual or a devout person.

And I have always been the kind of person that would take hurt quickly and would work to make even by complaining etc. An eye for an eye. A person emanating negative energy.

I was miserable and unhappy…
…then I read Joel Osteen’s book “Better You”.

It was like going from 2D to 3D, life became that much richer because I developed a greater sense of calmness.

I do not have to worry about getting even, there is a God and He will note down all injustices and compensate far greater for the inequities if you leave it to him.

The greatest gift I got from Joel Osteen was “Peace of mind” and boy did it make a difference.

Once I was upset at someone higher up on the totem pole at work. To me it appeared blatantly unfair. I was so agitated I barely caught myself from going to his office and arguing with him. I left the situation to God. No angst, no stress. I just let it go.

So much for my agitation , later I received my performance appraisal . I got a top performer ranking.

As the saying goes “If you fight with pigs you both end up equally dirty…”

Letting go of the bitterness removes tremenduous negative energy.

A belief in the divine has helped me let go of petty grievances. It is so much better than taking Prozac not that I did ever did.

What a refreshing shower is for the body, this book is for the mind.

No matter what your religious denimination is or even if you are an atheist for that matter check out Joel Osteen’s books. His USP is self help backed by the authority of the Bible.

I myself am a Hindu but benefited so much from the book.

Thank you Joel!

You make the world a better place one reader at a time.


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