Why Is It That Most Individuals Want To Find Success But Do Not Know What It Really Is?

What is Success? We have asked that question over a few times and we get many challenging interpretations and it seems that we still do not have all the right answers. We know performance is a key ingredient.

Success according to the Dictionary:

• achievement of intentions- achievement of something planned or attempted
• something that turns out well – something planned and turned our well as intended
• fame or fortune, money

Thesaurus Definition:

• accomplishment
• achievement
• arrival
• good luck
• fortune
• fruition
• profit
• favorable outcome
• prosperous
• effective
• triumphant

We could name more terminology but we have enough to elaborate with these. I like the Thesaurus definitions because it is inclusive of more things than just something planned, money or fame. We have good fortune, good luck, favorable outcomes; we are effective and even victorious, everyday in our life. Therefore success is not something that is unattainable. It is about accomplishments, achievements and sometimes appears to be good luck. Sometimes I think people think they will never be successful because they defining success as something it is not; and they are actually achieving the definitions listed under Thesaurus in some area of their life.

I am not one to believe that success is much about good luck. Successful Living is a part of life that you get the reward of your labor. Success is about your plans, what you seek and how hard you strive to accomplish your desires. You work toward something, not to the finish line as it takes time to get there; if there is a termination . It is said that Success if a Journey. If one makes reasonable goals and if you work toward achieving them, they should be achievable, one at a time. Of course we humans desire to have more material things; and live well but that is not the essence of really living well. This is not all bad by any means, but it is not the most important approach to becoming successful. There are times that we do not reach what we set out to; these are the times we have back up and start over and find what did not work and possibly why.

The essence of living well is living within our financial abilities and feeling good about where we are. It seems when people get into trouble it is because they have reached beyond what they can afford. Success is about fruition….fulfillment, which can mean that we are fulfilled passionately and are happy with our life. Success is making sure we have our priorities straight. We know that Success consist of many areas of our life; not just in the financial or career area.

If success could be fully achievable all at some point; we would see people saying; okay, I have all it all, I don’t need anything further. I am done, now I can sit back and relax.

I do not believe that success materializes like this. I believe that success is something we walk toward, strive at, keep reaching for in all areas of our life and receive it gradually. In other words; we finally get the kids in college, we finally have them graduate, we have the college education paid for, we have our house paid for, we are going on that dream vacation and someone is working toward being VP of my company. Success is goals we reach for one step at a time. Each one is a victory which has come from hard work and dedication.

Success is not all about getting to be the President of Google. It is about getting to where we are inspired with our progress toward our goals within our family, our friends, our faith and our careers. It is not all about wealth.

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