The Jack Rabbit Factor – A Fable on The Laws of Attraction

The Jack Rabbit Factor is a story about Richard a man who is in a predicament that a vast majority of us are very familiar with: being stuck.

It is a poignant and very readable story that draws heavily on the principles of the law of attraction laid down by Wallace Wattles in his classic , ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

While Wallace Wattles book is well written the impact of a story is undeniable and the author Leslie Householder skillfully weaves the principles of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. The protagonist Richard is frustrated with the way his life ended up and while on a siesta enters into a dream where he meets his successful but deceased father and hears his wise words. He then encounters several characters who slowly bring him up to speed on the principles of the law of attraction. I for one was glad Richard starts out skeptical because that helped me identify myself with him. Then through a series of small lessons the books answers all the how to questions on applying the law of attraction. I have till date not read a book that did it so well.

The brown sacks on the trail are analogous to the small things we strive for each day and the rabbits what we are really after.

Below are some excerpts from the book that highlight the wisdom contained here.

“Son, you have to know what you want. If someone else has what you want, learn from them, but you must trust your own instincts to make the right decisions. The voice of inspiration will come only after you have a clear picture in your mind of what you are seeking, and after you allow yourself to feel truly grateful, as though you already enjoy the success.”

He realized that, first of all, he needed to be calm and confident.

He knew that to catch a rabbit, he had to be calm or they would detect him and disappear.

He took mental note that if he ever felt crowded among the masses of mediocre minds, he needed only to close his eyes and imagine what he wanted, and most importantly, imagine the feelings that would go with it. He guessed that most people never take the time to really do that.

Most people wish for a rabbit, or say how nice it would be to get off the path, but only a rare few ever take the time to visualize doing it.”

“Contrary to what you may think, visualizing isn’t just for generating courage.” The man spoke very deliberately now, “Picturing a favorable circumstance in your head literally causes unseen things to happen in mysterious ways.”

And I’d tell them: don’t make excuses! Winners don’t make excuses, period! Richard, in case you haven’t noticed, excuses are epidemic out there on the path.

People are used to believing only in what they can see, or detect with their senses. The three percent consciously choose to believe in something they create in their own mind.

Do that often enough, believing with no reservations that it is already true, and it will happen. By law.”

“If we think of our idea like a seed, and plant it in our minds, and nourish it with belief and gratitude, then all that we need to accomplish the idea is drawn to us just as naturally as elements to the lilies.”

They have to want the knowledge at least as much as they want food.”

With your dream securely in place, you will be steered by a higher power toward the right decisions for you.”

no matter what the circumstances are I can always choose my own thoughts.

He remembered being taught all his life to “doubt not,” “fear not,”…and now he was finally beginning to understand why. It just simply isn’t good for me! The things I want and need are repelled, literally, when I allow myself to entertain the negative emotions of doubt and fear.

“You’ll get what you ask for out of life, Richard. Have the courage to ask. Have the guts to go after what you want. The worst that can happen is you’ll hear ‘no.’ The best that can happen is you’ll get what you want.”

See, don’t be like the people who spend all kinds of wasted time visualizing circumstances moving toward their favor, trying to ‘make things happen’. Instead, experience the feelings of success as though it has already been accomplished.

If everyone believed and could visualize and truly expect to receive whatever they are asking of God, then everyone would receive. The laws of nature do not play favorites.”

“Look, I am going to tell you something profound, and I want you to remember this, and trust me: That which you want, is looking for you,”

Undisciplined or improper thoughts could certainly get a man into trouble, Richard concluded.

“If you choose to believe, then you can always chase doubts with this one thing: The times when we don’t get what we want, exactly when we want it, we simply express gratitude to God for his wisdom and get excited because it means something better is on its way, or it wasn’t what we would have wanted after all,
Expect them. And imagine becoming MORE sure the longer you have to wait.”

The way only shows up after you’ve set the goal. If you never set the goal, you have no need for the way.”

How does an idea reach your subconscious mind? Through emotion.

The ebook “Jack Rabbit Factor”  is available for free at this website:

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