The Highest Form of Human Activity – Thinking

Recently I read an article by Bob Proctor that had a big impact on me. Bob spoke about how the highest form of human activity is thinking.

Back in the 90′s he used to make regular 25 hour trips Toronto and KualaLumpur every 2 months. On these trips he rarely indugled in any kind of social interaction. Instead he would spend his time thinking.

Out of this thinking came an idea that added millions of dollars to his net worth.

I happened to read this article at a very fortuitous time. I was going to fly from the east coast to the western coast of USA in about 18 hours.

This was a flight that lasts about 6 hours. A trip without any stops and without my family, therefore no distractions.

An ideal opportunity if ever for some serious thinking while flying.

So I grabbed a blank pad, a pen and settled down in the plane seat … and watched a 2 hour movie!

Old habits are hard to die. However once the movie finished I did get to do some thinking.

And what great output it created.

I never had as much clarity on my goals as I did on that flight when I listed and reviwed each one of them.

I also wrote down 20 ideas for my business, took an inventory of all the learning resources that I purchased but had never used till now.

And I wrote a draft for this post too on that flight.

I have so much more thinking to do…I am looking forward to the next flight.

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