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I work out 5 times a week, eat mostly home cooked food and am largely free of disease. So would you consider me healthy. I did until the day I read this wonderful book called ‘Gameplan for Life’ by Joe Gibbs. It is a book based on Bibilical principles. I had a similar reaction reading this as I did Joel Osteen’s book. Read my earlier post about Joel Osteen..

We actually have 4 kinds of health. And health as we normally know of, physical health, is the least important of them all!

Below are the 4 types.

- Physical Health
- Emotional Health
- Relationship Health
- Spiritual Health

Emotional health is about our mental well being. Relationship health is about the health of our relationships with family, friends, colleagues etc. Spiritual health is our relationship with God. If you find that an unfamiliar concept then you have company in me. But it is a very comforting thought and easy to grasp.

Just like we need all 4 wheels on our car to be in perfect alignment for the car to ride smoothly we need a balance among the 4 kinds of relationships. That being said spiritual relationship is considered the most important.

Dr. Walt has a free self assessment tool on his website where you can assess the 4 major aspects of your health.

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