Personal Growth-Change Is About Self Assurance And For Those Who Need It!

Personal growth or personal development means many different things to each of us. We are all different individuals and it takes a wise person to see they might have flaws and need to growth or change in some of their actions. Personal growth is about us and our prospective of us. The most important aspect of personal growth is how you feel about yourself. Do you see yourself relating to others, be it family, friends or co-workers appropriately? Are you living your life totally, completely and in line with how you think you should? Are you happy with how you deal with life or do you see yourself needing to change some things? Positive Changes does not indicate we are necessarily bad. It does not mean that we are deteriorating in our life or living an inappropriate life but that we want to live a more durable life.

Another individual cannot tell you that you are in need of Personal Growth. It is a conscious decision that one makes for ones self. Opposition is part of deciding if this is where we need to go. Sometimes we see the need to grow when life has thrown us a shock and we can’t get back on track, we need to learn something about whom we are and why we are reacting the way we are. Sometimes it is about success in our life; success we do not think that we have. We are not where we want to be and we need help to remove the obstacles that seem to be standing in the way.

I have seen very self absorbed people who seemed to think they know all the right ways and it is their way or no way. It seems that the people who need personal growth the most are carrying around baggage and do not even realize it. They are frustrated, intolerant and suspicious of others or they would not be trying to prove they know it all. No one knows it all, not today, not yesterday nor will they tomorrow. It does not matter how intelligent one is; it is how they relate themselves to other people. They think everyone else is lacking and they feel all of their expertise is being wasted. When in all actuality; their expertise is not visible due to their attitude.

To see the need for personal growth means you are seeking either improvement or possibly purification from something or someone. Maybe it is only that you need to change the way you perceive something that has changed you life. Arousing your self awareness can’t be all bad. It actually means you have depth of wanting to beautify your soul. You could be doing everything appropriately and everybody is happy, including yourself, but in reality; probably not. I am afraid that not many of us are happy all the time. Life isn’t all wine and roses and happiness is a mind set and begins within us like everything else….how many time have I said all of this begins within us?

If we are happy the way we are it means we have mastered something very important. When we get to this state in our life and we feel a sense of accomplishment; it bring contentment and a feeling of being at peace with ourselves and others.

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#1 L. Todd on 02.17.11 at 1:57 pm

Thanks for the helpful information. I fully agree that one must see the need to change and be determined to follow through.

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