A GREAT strategy For Goal Setting

This is a success technique that is very useful for goal setting.

“Success is goals. Everything else is commentary” – Brian Tracy

Goals are so important that  Brian Tracy wrote an entire book on goal setting.  I highly recommend this book and at the bottom of the page you will see my link to purchase this book.

But getting back to this technique, it was invented by an ex marine called Erik Therwanger after he experienced a few challenging life situations that you and I would never even wish upon our worst enemies.

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How to Build A Solid Base For Life Long Success

Jim Rohn was one of America’s foremost self help
philosophers. He was at once very profound and yet
very simple to understand. His advice was at once
simple to implement and yet almost magical in its
results. How did he do it?

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Wow Yourself

I am reading the book ‘Cash In A Flash’ by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen.

I have just completed the first chapter and will make another blog post once I complete the whole book.

But I learned so much in chapter 1 that I just had to share :)

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100 Ways To Motivate Yourself – by Steve Chanlder

I listened to the audio program 100 ways to motivate yourself by Steve Chandler, not really expecting anything much.

I was pleasantly surprised.

This is by far one of the better self help programs.

Having read and listened to a lot of such stuff before, I found many gems.

Below are some of my favorite ones:

Tip# 1) When it comes to creating and sustaining your relationships, use your head and not your heart.

This one surprised me. But when I think about it, one of the reasons some of my relationships failed was that I took it too much to heart. As Steve Chandler said, elevate your relationships by bringing them into the realm of your mind instead of killing them by retaining in the heart.

Tip #2) This one is interesting for all public speakers among us. One of my colleagues has a deep baritone voice which helps tremenduously when it comes to making an impact on the audience.

My voice is not and I was resigned to it remaining like that till I heard Steve’s personal experience.

When you listen to his audio programs you can’t help but get impressed with his deep hypnotic voice. It was not always like that. He had a squeaky voice to start with. He practiced speaking at full volume and eventually ended up with such a powerful voice that he does not even need a microphone!

So I am practising to speak like him.

So far it is not working, my friends ask me whether I have a cold :(

The Game Plan For Life – Health

I work out 5 times a week, eat mostly home cooked food and am largely free of disease. So would you consider me healthy. I did until the day I read this wonderful book called ‘Gameplan for Life’ by Joe Gibbs. It is a book based on Bibilical principles. I had a similar reaction reading this as I did Joel Osteen’s book. Read my earlier post about Joel Osteen..

We actually have 4 kinds of health. And health as we normally know of, physical health, is the least important of them all!
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