11 proven ways to gain unstoppable confidence

This is a DIY job, one that never ends.
Even for the more successful amongst us.

Those who know are ultimately much more confident in any arena than those shrouded in ignorance. Use your spare time to read up on the things that interest you, on the things that you are curious about, and build up a solid base of knowledge and critical thinking. The more you know, the more sure of yourself you will be in any situation.

Uncertainty is the biggest drain on your self-confidence. Succumbing to doubt ensures you will never believe in yourself. The more often you do something, the more certain you become. With certainty comes confidence.

Try to walk through your day with as easy and care-free of an attitude as you can muster, because someone who is it ease with him or herself is someone who is confident. Build unstoppable confidence by not getting hung up on the petty issues and minor irritations that help wear you down.

Take stock of yourself. Brainstorm for a bit and compose a list of your good qualities and bad, the things you excel at and the things you need to improve upon, and once you have a clear picture of yourself much of the uncertainty that breeds doubt will wash away.

Take the time to properly think through every problem, and the confidence in your skills will grow.

Try to be as complete and thorough at every task you attempt. Completing tasks builds confidence in your ability to always see projects through to their proper conclusion.

Once you have assessed yourself, make a list of goals you wish to accomplish, and get to work. You now know your true limits, so the only thing left to do is push beyond them and set your sights on new frontiers.

Don’t close yourself off to friends, acquaintances and coworkers. The more you put yourself out there in business and social situations, the more quickly you will build confidence in your ability to navigate these sometimes tricky waters.

Dress well, groom yourself, compose your identity as a person who is well put together, and you will feel confident when meeting new people and doing new things.

While it is okay to take time to analyze and think situations through, the time comes when you must be decisive and act. Decisive people are confident; not confident people are decisive.

Know yourself fully, wash away your own doubts about yourself, your identity and your capabilities, and present every aspect of yourself in every situation and you will have no reason to doubt your confidence. Become your full, real self.

How To Take Charge Of Your Life

Now that you discovered the truly important things (read the previous posts) in you life how do you plan them into your schedule?

Here is a story that will shed some light. It is worth reading even if you know it. It illustrates a very powerful principle.

At a class one day, a professor took out an empty jug from under the table and then proceeded to place rocks into it. Soon it was filled to capacity. He then asked the class whether the jar was full or not. The class answered that it was. But the professor was not done. He picked up a jar of gravel from under the table and emptied it into the jug. It soon filled the spaces between the rocks. “Now is it full” he asked. “Yes” said the class. The professor was still not done he pulled out a jar of sand and emptied it into the jug. It looked like nothing else could be added to the jar. But then he emptied a can of water into the jar.

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How To Have No Regrets – Decide On The Truly Important Things In Your Life

An important factor in effective time management is deciding on the truly important things in our life. Achieving the wrong thing in the right time is a recipe for an unfulfilled life that lacks inner drive.

In this post I show you how to decide on the truly important things in our life. It is a two step process. Step 1 – we determine our four fundamental human needs. Step 2 –  we become aware of our four endowments. We then use both factors to decide on the important things in life. I will show you later in the post how to tie all this into creating meaningful goals.

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The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

As time management books go “First Things First” by Stephen Covey, Rebecca & Roger Merrill stands apart from every other book that I read in this category. Someone once said that you don’t manage time you manage your life. Time transcends us mere mortals. The best we can do is to manage ourselves.

Unlike time management principles I have gone through before such as the ABCD method of prioritization, the 80/20 Pareto principle, etc. Steve Covey and co. go deeper…questioning the very results that we wish to achieve efficiently using time management principles.  In other words it asks us to consider whether the ladder we strive to climb is leaning against the right wall.

Doing more things faster is no substitute for doing the right things – From the book “First Things First

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What Happens Here Sure Does Not Stay Here

I am talking about our thoughts.  This is what my entire blog is dedicated to. Our thoughts rule our lives from relationships to work. As knowledge workers we rely more on our critical thinking skills than anything else. Critical thinking is the only thing keeping us from becoming commoditized.

The problem with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than their minds.

- Walter Duranty

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