Every Problem Contains Within It An Opportunity – My Personal Experience

I am thrilled to pieces.

I installed a wordpress blog on my website ebook-of-the-week.com without a hitch.

How I came to this is a small story by itself.

Before today I had a blog called ‘www.foolandhisblog.com.’ It was hosted on blogger.com and I paid 10 dollars per year to Google for the domain name.

It was very easy to setup a blog on blogger but blogger was not an open and flexible platform.  Also my blog did not integrate with my website ebook-of-the-week.com.

Nevertheless I stayed put with it because … it was comfortable. Sounds familiar:)

Well remaining true to the ‘fool’ part of my blog title, I let my domain expire. When I finally logged into the google admin panel to renew my domain … it was gone!

The name was available for all and sundry just one year ago and within one day of the domain registration expiring, it was gone.

My blog is definitely small potatoes, very small, but it had accumulated a presence on the web thanks to directory submissions,  authority links, a small RSS distribution list,etc.

Now it was gone.Losing the domain name was painful, very painful.

But look where I ended up now.I finally have a blog on my website. This will help improve the SEO (search engine) rankings of my website. And now I use WordPress a platform that I always wanted to use but was too lazy before. Last but not least I save 10 dollars per year in domain registration.

I remember hearing somewhere that every problem contains within it an opportunity. This was a great lesson in that principle and just the right kind of a post for a blog titled “Things That Teach Us”