If Only More People Would Watch TV!

Public TV that is.

In the USA there is a TV channel that is different, it does not play ads, sick reality shows, or other mind numbing IQ dropping junk. It is called Public TV and is mostly paid for by viewers. That is what I was watching one day when I came across a wonderful program by a gentlemen named Dr. Daniel G Aymen, physician, child and adult psychiatrist, brain imaging specialist, bestselling author,etc.

It was about natural ways to strengthen and improve your brain functionality. As Dr. Amen quotes ”brains run schools, banks, companies and countries…”. It is therefore important to invest in your brain development.

Here is what he has to say.

Normal is boring. We are all different in our own ways. There really is no concept called normal.

ADD, attention deficit disorder affects more and more and it is not just young kids. Symptoms of ADD include short attention spans, poor impulse control and being disorganized. Short attention span applies only to routine work but not to novel situations. This is why it is difficult to diagnose ADD.

A few key natural supplements endorsed by Dr. Amen:

Green Tea – Weight loss, depression control.

St. John’s Wort – Depression control


SAM-E – Low energy and depression control

Kava Kava

Dr. Amen cautions repeatedly that some supplements work for some and not for others. The human body is a wonderful invention it is however not a cookie cutter machine.

5 Ways to Boost Your Willpower

- Don’t get your blood pressure low. Frequent small meals plus protein will prevent this condition from occurring.

- Get good sleep.

- Write down specific goals and read them out every day.Ask yourself if your behavior is getting you closer to the goals or not.

- Practice your will power.

- Balance your brain chemistry (the doctor in Amen speaking). Get help from professionals ( and again here).

Being a doctor he has to give some prescriptions and so here they are but with a twist.

12 Prescriptions for Mental Health

  1. Love your brain
  2. Protect your brain
  3. Stop poisoning your brain. No alcohol, no drugs, reduce caffeine, don’t use cleaning materials without open doors and windows. I think I just shot my weekend plans :)
  4. Protect your memory. Take early memory problems seriously. Early detection is crucial. There exist simple paper tests to detect memory loss.
    1. Exercise regularly. Physically active people were found to have the best cognitive ability. I finished a rigorous workout a few hours and was finally able to write this post after putting it off for exactly a week.
    2. Take the supplement Gingko
    3. Take the supplement Sage.
  5. Good sleep. Statistical fact.Sleep deprived people cause more accidents than drunk drivers.
  6. Learn brain healthy ways to deal with pain/chronic pain.
    1. Fish oil
    2. Accupuncture
  7. Brain healthy diets:
    1. Whole grain
    2. Lean protein. My wife is not happy with my reconversion to non vegetarianism. Perhaps this will help.
    3. Avocados. No not anacondas!
    4. Walnuts. And they taste great too!
  8. Physical exercise. It boosts blood flow to the brain. 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week.
  9. Mental exercise. Learning something new generates new neurons.
  10. This one is my favorite. Notice what you love about your life more than what you hate about it. SPECT (a type of brain scan) scans were radically different for people who focussed on negative thoughts versus those whoe focussed on positive thoughts. Finally there is science behind all the positivity talk.
  11. And a variant of the above. Notice what you love about others more than what you dislike about them.
  12. Develop resilience
    1. No excuses
    2. An optimistic mindset.

What distinguishes Dr. Amen is that he explains neuroscience in a style that is engaging, informative and actually entertaining.

OK so how about switching off Simon on American Idol :)

Below are some books that Dr. Amen wrote which you might like if you liked this post. And hey post a comment if you liked this or for some strange reason did not.

How To Motivate – Advice From Extraordinary Minds

How to motivate for peak performance.

Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren conducted a teleseminar called ‘The League of Extraordinary Minds on the subject of motivation and peak performance. Some of the greatest business thinkers shared their most important insights on the subject of personal motivation and peak performance. They were:

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Re Inventing Yourself – Steve Chandler

This is easily one of the better motivation books that I have read in a long time.It is about 200 pages long. Your spirits start lifting the moment you begin reading this book. This is a book of  action. Be warned there is no new age mysticism here. Several powerful concepts are laid out in a manner that even a corpse would get it.It is uncanny how he anticipates the reader’s next question and how well he answers it. Heck he asks tougher questions of his teachings than I could even think up of.Several  authors out there rush to put out whatever it is that they want to say and leave it at that. Steve is different. It appears that he wants his readers to get it.

Below are the important concepts that I summarized from the book and my personal experiences with some of them.
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The Art Of The Question And How To Get People To Play Nice

Are you a parent, a project manager or any person that needs to get groups of people together and working towards your objectives.

Then welcome to the 21st century invention: The Meeting.

I am a project manager and spend increasing amounts of my day in meetings.

I read a book that is really useful for people like me and so wanted to share a few insights from the book with you.
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You have to be willing to do things the masses would never do

Forbes recently profiled the wealthiest people in America.

What an inspirational and educational edition it turned out to be.

Of particular note was billionaire Stephen Bisciotti. His father died of Leukemia when he was young.

Growing up he became obsessed with making enough money by age 35 so that his wife and kids would not meet the same fate were he to die.

Well he went on to make that and a little bit more. His networth is estimated at 1.55 USD billion.

That is a lot of dough.

But here is how he summed up his philosophy:

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