Never Get Stuck Again

Here is a true life story…

One summer evening while driving back home from work I experienced something that I had never ever experienced before.

I saw smoke coming out from under my car’s hood.

Mine was a 14 year old car but I prided myself on the regular maintenance that I performed on it. Maintenance that helped me put 158,000 miles on it without a problem.

But the car was gone now and I had to get another one fast.

I had always wanted an SUV,one with three rows and all wheel drive, and felt this was a good opportunity to buy one. I looked at the usual suspects. Used Hondas, Toyotas and Acuras. Why just the three makes, because those were the ones driven most often by members in my circle.

It was a frustrating experience. Because of the poor state of the economy there was more demand for used vehicles than new. All the ones I looked at were way above my budget. And I spent quite a bit of time on it.

Then one day, after three days of fruitless search I did something that I should have done at the beginning of the search. I did a Google search of all SUV models that came with three rows and had all wheel drive.

I saw eligible models that I had not even given a thought before. I was so trapped with the original list of three that I could not see beyond. I was blind.

Performing the Google search was the turning point in my personal car search. It immediately opened up more options and we snagged a car that met my requirements and my budget. Plus it is so much more appealing than the boring three.

Here is the moral of my story.

If you ever feel trapped then increase the number of options. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of options then reduce them.

I did both. When you enter the market for used cars you get thousands of options that can overwhelm you easily. I reduced the number by requiring the car to be an SUV, three row seating and all wheel drive.

When I felt trapped by the three makes I increased the number of options by looking beyond the three makes.

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