Leadership Lessons From An Unlikely US President

What leadership lessons could you possibly learn from a president widely underrated for a long time and perceived to be a ‘do nothing’ president who simply happened to ride the wave of economic prosperity. Well to begin with the perception itself.

Don’t jump to conclusions. The need for critical evaluation.

Soon after President Eisenhower’s two term presidency came to an end he was rated by historians as the 21st greatest president out of 34 at that time. That was until the early 90s. The president who largely worked behind the scenes is now acknowledged to be the 10th greatest president ever.

What changed?

More facts. As his aides released memoirs and statutory limits on classified information expired we got to learn more about this man.

If so many people got the 10th greatest president wrong imagine how easy it is to misjudge lesser mortals such as your acquaintances, etc. Consider the facts, well first gather them. Then think critically.

US President Eisenhower


An old fashioned virtue that won’t go away from being a linchpin of most success stories no matter how much you wish.

Despite being an average student his superior officer at Westpoint considered him to be the best officer in his batch and predicted a bright future for him in the military.

This was not to happen quickly. Eisenhower would languish for three decades before his logistical genius caught the attention of George C Marshall then Army Chief of Staff. Eisenhower’s fortunes changed. He soon became the supreme commander of the allied forces in Western Europe. The biggest war theater in World War II.

Getting along well with people

Getting along with people was one of Eisenhower’s greatest strengths. A warm hearted and self effacing person he practiced the credo “there is no limit to the good you can do so long as you don’t care who gets the credit.”

This sounds nice but is so tough to practice. Our natural instincts are to fight for our due recognition.

To give just one example while serving as the commander of the allied forces he had to deal with the likes of British General Montgomery who made no secret of the fact that he considered himself to be a better choice to lead the allied forces than Eisenhower or the imperious French General Charles DeGaulle.


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