How To Motivate – Advice From Extraordinary Minds

How to motivate for peak performance.

Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren conducted a teleseminar called ‘The League of Extraordinary Minds on the subject of motivation and peak performance. Some of the greatest business thinkers shared their most important insights on the subject of personal motivation and peak performance. They were:

Dan Milman

Tom McCarthy

Josh Waitzkin

Kathy Kolbe

Marshall Thurber

Michael Masterson

Below are my notes.

Buddha said “Just do your best”. But your best varies from moment to moment. What determines performance in the moment is your attitude. 70% to 80% of peak performance is based on your attitude. Your attitude is not a constant. A powerful negative thought stays in your body for 4 to 5 hours! Note that the deck is stacked against positive emotions. The dictionary has 4 times more negative words than positive.Leaders that can control their thoughts and emotions perform more consistently. Realize that how we learn moment to moment determines how you perform under the worst pressure imaginable. To achieve excellence in life you must achieve excellence in the moment. Be present at every moment in your life.

Strive for excellence in the moment instead of goals. We can control the efforts we make in our life but not the outcomes. Therefore effort = success. Develop a long term perspective and shift focus from results to process.

Before you start on your peak performance task pause and evaluate what theory (or philosophy/principles) you are using. For e.g. GM vs Toyota. Working with wrong theory will produce wrong results no matter how hard you work.

Self expression is a liberating idea. Become allergic to being untrue to yourself.

It is fine to dream big but start small. Those with small realistic dreams are more likely to achieve it.

Do something while you wait to find your perfect career. So get a job and blend in while you discover your true passions.

Don’t get taken in by how a job looks like from outside, such as working in the movies. The way you imagine a business or a career from the outside may not be how it is inside. So do what is fun for you.

90% of business failures occur not because business is hard but because people do not know how to run a business.

You may be born with some talents but you got to work on increasing it to improve your peak performance. Tiger Woods is a great example of someone who built on his talents by practicing hard from a very early age.

Peak performance secrets -> Get a stronger control of your attitude. Take more and more effective action.

Have a passion for what you are doing. Also have compassion. Because if you don’t care others won’t care.

How much mental energy are you expending?. We have limited mental cognitive energy so sheperd it.

We are all born with a degree of innate drive. Build on it.

How would you have to think if you have to perform at your peak. Practice feeling the right emotions and thoughts to get the right attitude. Have a compelling and exciting goal. This is a pre requisite for peak performance. Visualization is practice for the brain.. It creates a string neural pathway.

Everything is difficult until it becomes easy. Don’t ask can I do it but ask how to do it. Wherever we step the path appears underneath us. Some may lead to more pain than others but they all lead to enlightenment eventually. Trust the process of our life unfolding. Sometimes the ups turn out to be downs and the downs turn out to be ups.

Daily life is a form of spiritual weightlifting. Every day challenges make us stronger.

In your peak performance endeavors know that sometimes we perform worse than in the past on our way to mastery.

Two of the most important skills to master -> innovation and speed. Just get it good enough and get it out there.

The mind demands clarity. Ask yourself the question do my thoughts and attitudes support me in achieving my goals. Notice a thought or emotion that does not support your achieving a goal? Then cancel it and replace with a supporting thought. We all get caught up in habits. So periodically ask yourself whether you are taking effective action or not.

Manage the 12 areas of your life:

1 -Self worth (how good of a person am I). Low self worth sabotages our goals.

2 -Reclaim our will

3 -Manage your money

4 -Tame your mind

5 -Energize your body

6 -Trust your intuition

7 -Accept your emotions

8 – Face your fears

9 – Illuminate your shadows (that is know yourself)

10 -Embrace your sexuality

11 -Awaken your heart

12 -Find a way to serve your world.

Perform deliberate practice. For e.g. don’t wait for a formal opportunity to make a persuasive presentation. Use every opportunity that you get such as luncheons to practice making appropriate body language movements, creating warmth in your voice and delivery of punch lines. Find a way to deliberately practice your chosen habit.

Be relentlessly introspective and focus on your mistakes and losses. Journaling is very important. List the best and worst decisions you made in the last 1 year or so. We will always make mistakes but with practice we will achieve more success moments.

Biggest challenge – Turning what you know into what you actually do. The key is to start small and build up momentum. It is not heroics but what you do day to day that matters ultimately. Simple is powerful. It is almost excuse proof.

Make peak performance a ritual and build in downtime.

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