His Life’s Best Work, All In 150 Pages. I Am Talking About Brian Tracy.

No this is not exactly a book review.

I have long been an admirer of Brian Tracy but there is one thing I have observed consistently,he tends to repeat himself in his books. One secret for the prolific number of books that he has published.

 Therefore I approached one of his newest book Flight Plan with trepidation.

I need not have worried. This thin book (150 pages) is very profound and packed with the best of his no nonsense advice.If you are looking for ‘The Secret’ kind of yarn, Brian is not your man.

In this book he uses the analogy of a flght plan that every pilot crew charts before a flight begins.

One nugget from the book. Brian talks about problems in life. He uses the analogy of headwinds to describe the turbulent situations in our lives.

The bottom line, problems will happen, be prepared for it. He talks about various kinds of headwinds, financial headwinds, people headwinds and so on.

Not only will problems occur in our lives but they will do so with the regularity of a clock.

How true. I had two experiences, all on the same day.

I had just finished making a major investment in the kitchen. Unfortunately the contractor screwed up and caused the dishwasher to flood most of the kitchen when operated.

Next, the same evening we had a get together planned and were counting on one of the guests to bring some of the food. But it started pouring and the guest cancelled at the last minute. We had to scramble for an alternate solution.

I know these are trivial problems in the larger scheme of things but it shows first hand how true Brian was.

In a way this is a very comforting philosophy.I will no longer let problems derail me.

It is not just the warm and fuzzy that I got from this book.

I have this book to thank for the launch of my website ebook-of-the-week.com.

I was toying with the idea of the website for several weeks. I even got to register the domain and then I sat on it. Before I knew what happened several months passed by.

There is one specific passage in this book that uses the analogy of a rocket launch to the starting of any worthwhile venture. Just like a rocket launch consumes more than 90% of its fuel in the first few minutes of the launch we need to expend a lot of effort in the infant stages of a business. In this case, autoresponders, website templates, traffic strategies etc.

Read this, I am sure it will help you launch your own dreams.

Image of Flight Plan: The Real Secret of Success

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