Getting The Action Habit – Advice From Tony Robbins

How do we get ourselves to take action.

The action habit that will overcome our addictions and drive us to achieve our goals and dreams.

People do not follow through because of fear. They sit back and hope it will change.

But the successful people follow through because of the fear of what will happen if they do not.

The most important thing is getting started. Once you start keep the momentum going  by developing daily rituals.

To get started you need a ‘Why’.

And then you need a sense of certainty.

The one thing that is different between successful and unsuccessful is a sense of certainty.

I never did ‘get it’ though until Tony Robbins outlined the below diagram.

That was when it finally hit me.

Below then is the diagram.

                                                                            The Holy Grail For Taking Action And Getting Results

The Holy Grail For Taking Action And Getting Results

Step 1 – Potential

You can never achieve it physically until you change your mindset.

Step 2 – What action to take

Step 3 – Results from the actions you take

Step 4 – Belief system 

The four steps above can start a vicious cycle. If you believe you do not have what it takes viz. potential you will not take effective action. Not taking action will lead to poor results which in turn will feed your belief system about you not being worth much.

On the other hand if you develop a sense of certainty you will take massive action which in turn will produce great results and in turn reinforce your belief about your sense of worth.

So how do you develop a sense of certainty.

This breakthrouh occurs by conditioning your mind every day. Start a ritual where you visualize your future as if you are already there.

We are defined by our rituals.

The mind exerts an enormous influence on one’s performance.

A study was conducted where basketball players were divided into three groups.

The first group practiced rigorously on the court for six months.

The second group was told to not even touch the ball.

The third group was told to practice mentally. More specifically they were told to practice making the perfect shot every time they threw the ball.

So which group won… the group that indulged in perfect practice mentally.

To recap …

Get a powerful why.

Work on one thing a day.

Believe in something. 

It takes guts to believe.

Only the gutless are skeptical and cynical.

Remember this – in life you will end up with one of two things – a result or a story.

Would you rather not end up with the result you dream about instead of a story about why it was not possible.

Did the above diagram have the same impact on you as it did on me.

Let me and others know.

Leave your comment.

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#1 no name on 03.12.11 at 5:30 am

Thanks for information!!!!

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#3 Jack son on 11.29.12 at 11:51 pm

BOO! This is written for people who already know what you know. Where is the help in that!!!
Please consider explaining what you are saying and back it up with supporting examples!
Make it good or leave it off the web. As it is this is TRASH that should be in a wadded up at the bottom of a waste bin.
How do you define or clarify “WHY”. Define with example of even a good “daily ritual”! and this “study” two groups never touched a basket ball? Ever, for a week, two? “Would you rather not end up with” Boo, go back to grammar school and learn how to wright, convey an idea and how to support an idea!
Like the last guy said -How do we form the habit of action….

#4 on 01.05.13 at 3:00 pm

Often times we need to be reminded of what we already know.

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