Four Simple Rules For Creating The Life You Want

Recently I was listening to a conversation between Eben Pagan and his mentor Wyatt Woodsmall and gleaned a few nuggets on the age old question – what does it take to create the life you want.

Here they are:

1) Know your outcome - Most people have no clue what they want. If they do at all it is about wanting to remove something negative such as how to get rid of a person or how to get rid of smoking etc. The movie ‘The Secret’¬† is all about creating the right want. You need to want to create something positive.

Wyatt advises us to remain conscious and alert at all times so as to guard against negative wants and negative thinking.

2) Develop the sensory acuity to determine on the basis of evidence what is working and what is not working. Most people actually don’t do this and instead indulge in wishful thinking.

3) Flexibility - If something you do is not working the way you want then change it. Do something else. I was struck by what Wyatt said next “The world is conquered not by might but by change”. Do not work harder instead try something new.

4) ACTION РIf all you do is read and listen then nothing is going to happen. Take action.

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