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A few key insights from the book

  • You can make self help advice work by adding a simple ritual to your daily routine. Page – 18
  • Don’t get taken in by complexity. At the root of it all there are just 4 simple rules to creating the life you want. Page – 20
  • Five deviously clever psychological tricks to get anyone to do anything for you. Page – 21
  • The highest form of human activity. Page – 27
  • Two things you can do to get unstuck when making decisions. Page – 28
  • The art of the question. How do we ask the right question. Page – 34
  • The four types of health you need to get familiar with. Page – 48
  • A simple insight that can explode your learning capacity. Page – 65
  • 10 simple things to do to turbo boost your thinking skills. Page – 68
  • Discover why working is so important to you. Page – 71
  • One of the most important things you can do to achieve sustained individual success. And it is just two letters. Page – 90

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