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Personal Growth-Change Is About Self Assurance And For Those Who Need It!

Personal growth or personal development means many different things to each of us. We are all different individuals and it takes a wise person to see they might have flaws and need to growth or change in some of their actions. Personal growth is about us and our prospective of us. The most important aspect of personal growth is how you feel about yourself. Do you see yourself relating to others, be it family, friends or co-workers appropriately? Are you living your life totally, completely and in line with how you think you should? Are you happy with how you deal with life or do you see yourself needing to change some things? Positive Changes does not indicate we are necessarily bad. It does not mean that we are deteriorating in our life or living an inappropriate life but that we want to live a more durable life.

Another individual cannot tell you that you are in need of Personal Growth. It is a conscious decision that one makes for ones self. Opposition is part of deciding if this is where we need to go. Sometimes we see the need to grow when life has thrown us a shock and we can’t get back on track, we need to learn something about whom we are and why we are reacting the way we are. Sometimes it is about success in our life; success we do not think that we have. We are not where we want to be and we need help to remove the obstacles that seem to be standing in the way.

I have seen very self absorbed people who seemed to think they know all the right ways and it is their way or no way. It seems that the people who need personal growth the most are carrying around baggage and do not even realize it. They are frustrated, intolerant and suspicious of others or they would not be trying to prove they know it all. No one knows it all, not today, not yesterday nor will they tomorrow. It does not matter how intelligent one is; it is how they relate themselves to other people. They think everyone else is lacking and they feel all of their expertise is being wasted. When in all actuality; their expertise is not visible due to their attitude.

To see the need for personal growth means you are seeking either improvement or possibly purification from something or someone. Maybe it is only that you need to change the way you perceive something that has changed you life. Arousing your self awareness can’t be all bad. It actually means you have depth of wanting to beautify your soul. You could be doing everything appropriately and everybody is happy, including yourself, but in reality; probably not. I am afraid that not many of us are happy all the time. Life isn’t all wine and roses and happiness is a mind set and begins within us like everything else….how many time have I said all of this begins within us?

If we are happy the way we are it means we have mastered something very important. When we get to this state in our life and we feel a sense of accomplishment; it bring contentment and a feeling of being at peace with ourselves and others.

Behind Defeat And Delusion

This is a subject we do not like to talk about and suitably so, especially if it is ours. This is quite normal I think, and talking about it does not change it. Taking steps to overcome the dead emotions which failure sometimes brings must be dealt with for us to recover and get back on the road to success “after failure”.

Everybody makes potholes and fails at sometimes in their life. If they tell you they have never had “failure”, they are telling a big one, I think. It is a common aspect of life and it isn’t going to change. It does not have to be anything big or destructive to living a good life, but if we are human, we can look back and see some places, we could have done a whole lot better.

Sometimes we fail because we gave up on something before we gave it time to work. We fail sometimes because we look at others and what they have done, not realizing that we cannot compare our own life’s work to anybody; we must strive for our own way of and pursuing life things. Anything we do in life must have a plan, a starting point, a progression period and then the final results. Growing personallyis something that we all need at some point in our life. Sometimes we must change our goals during our progress and that is why we do an assessment every now and then. Take for instance a marriage. When we get married, we have a plan to work at it, make it beautiful, and feed it with passion and know it takes some give and take. Yet so many times we forget ,we get busy with other life things and forget to feed it, we forget it needs care, sometimes more later, than sooner. What do you know; somebody is unhappy out the blue. Sometimes it is too late, sometimes it can be fixed and sometimes it seems too much neglect was the final draw and we have to deal with what we call “failure”

Someone who is lazy and doesn’t want to work for what they get…could be called a failure. Life is not going to just hand any of us anything. It doesn’t work that way. We must work for our lunchas nothing is free. An addiction is another aspect we can call failure; it doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol. It can be spending too much money; it can be spending too much time on the job. It can be taking too much time off the job, you know; sick days; too many of them; all of a sudden, no job. It can be giving someone else a hard time and not having respect for our fellow man. Whatever it is named; if it is done often can be called failure…we can overcome it and “live again” if we take notice to our needs. In our Change we need to look at all aspects of our situation and not get too down on ourselves.

How do we begin to get our life on tract after failure? When it happens we have to really analyze if it is truly “failure”. Sometimes mistakes get named failure. If we keep doing something over and over and it winds up costing us great consequences it is likely failure and not just a mistake. A mistake is something you did unintentionally and you normally do not do it again. We learn from our mistakes and take them as part of life to help us grow. If we repeatedly do something it is time for us to get a professional to help us find out why we are duplicating the same things over and over before it cost us too much.

To me and I am not giving you professional help you must seek that yourself, but I am giving you hope that there is help and I have seen healing for our failures through or change if we want it. To me, failure is where one has notoriously doing something that they knew was causing themselves harm or someone else and they do it anyway. There is still a way to recover. There is always hope until we die and we can be healed of our failures and become new again. There are Therapist, Counselors and Psychologists who are trained to help us in our endeavors as well a Personal Growth experts. I am not either but I do love to see recovery and study self improvement and I work on myself everyday….I’m not perfect …doubt I will ever be but at least I am working on me!

A GREAT strategy For Goal Setting

This is a success technique that is very useful for goal setting.

“Success is goals. Everything else is commentary” – Brian Tracy

Goals are so important that  Brian Tracy wrote an entire book on goal setting.  I highly recommend this book and at the bottom of the page you will see my link to purchase this book.

But getting back to this technique, it was invented by an ex marine called Erik Therwanger after he experienced a few challenging life situations that you and I would never even wish upon our worst enemies.

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How to Build A Solid Base For Life Long Success

Jim Rohn was one of America’s foremost self help
philosophers. He was at once very profound and yet
very simple to understand. His advice was at once
simple to implement and yet almost magical in its
results. How did he do it?

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Wow Yourself

I am reading the book ‘Cash In A Flash’ by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen.

I have just completed the first chapter and will make another blog post once I complete the whole book.

But I learned so much in chapter 1 that I just had to share :)

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