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The Jack Rabbit Factor – A Fable on The Laws of Attraction

The Jack Rabbit Factor is a story about Richard a man who is in a predicament that a vast majority of us are very familiar with: being stuck.

It is a poignant and very readable story that draws heavily on the principles of the law of attraction laid down by Wallace Wattles in his classic , ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

While Wallace Wattles book is well written the impact of a story is undeniable and the author Leslie Householder skillfully weaves the principles of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’. The protagonist Richard is frustrated with the way his life ended up and while on a siesta enters into a dream where he meets his successful but deceased father and hears his wise words. He then encounters several characters who slowly bring him up to speed on the principles of the law of attraction. I for one was glad Richard starts out skeptical because that helped me identify myself with him. Then through a series of small lessons the books answers all the how to questions on applying the law of attraction. I have till date not read a book that did it so well.
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Top 10 most visited personal success blog posts of 2010

In descending order, my posts on personal success that attracted the most traffic in 2010.

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You Can Be Great At Almost Anything – According To Research

When I first read the excerpt from Geoff Colvin’s book ‘Talent Is Overrated’ in a Fortune issue I was so excited that I could barely sleep that night.

I was excited because it was not your typical self help manual where the author charts out life strategies based solely on his personal experience or worse based on what he claims is the golden bullet while he himself is living a life without results. This was a book excerpted in a most unlikely, place the hard nosed business magazine, Fortune. Further this was based on research, not the kind, where all kinds of crazy conclusions are extrapolated from studies that involve all of a less than a dozen participants. No this book was based on research conducted in the last 30 years in many places such as the INSEAD school of business. Finally the ideas outlined by this apply to every area of life not just the normal haunting spots of talent such as sports, music and so on.

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10 Things You Can Do To Start Thinking Better Right Now

1) State Vs You

Your thinking style improves when your state of mind improves. Never ever take a decision or act when you are under emotional stress. Maintain a positive attitude to get into a peak state of performance. Research in the field of sports psychology has proved beyond doubt that a positive attitude is not just for dreamy eyed idealists.

2) Focus

You might feel that you are a multi tasking genius. But science has again shown that when it comes to performing demanding tasks multi tasking actually makes you dumber.

3) Exercise

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Personal Growth & Success – Finding The Difference Maker

Success books, there are thousands of them. Some written by quacks who would not know self from help but a few written by people whose works stand the test of time.  Developing a habit of daily readings of self help books does make a difference as borne out by personal testimonials. Check out my handpicked selection of self help books.

But could it be that some insights are more valuable than others. Is there really a differentiating insight or strategy that can make a difference of several orders of magnitude if implemented. Or is that an elusive holy grail that can be never found. Is it our intellectual laziness that makes us desire the one thing.

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