Career advancement – The politically incorrect (but effective) way

Great tips to really move the needle on your career from Brendan Reid from his book “How to Steal the Corner Office”.
No it is not working your tail off or producing outstanding work.
Nor is it about finding your passion, have you ever read a book on career advancement that does not have the usual bromides on discovering your inner passion.

To advance your career you need to make career advancement your number one goal and keep your mind on it every day.
This is easier said than done as it so easy to get sucked into the details of work and lose sight of everything else.

1) Don’t be a passion player. Instead get perceived as being objective, analytical and a big picture thinker.
Too often we get carried away with our ideas and try to force it on others.
Instead present options and drive the team in coming to a conclusion.
This shows you as being a leader who works collaboratively and objectively to arrive at a solution that is good for the company and not one which you happen to like.
A decision making framework could be used which contains:

- decision context
- decision constraints
- options
Score each option against the constraints using team inputs.
The highest total score would help identify the best option.

2) Promote your projects/work instead of myopically focusing on the doing
You should ideally spend 40% of the time promoting your project and 60% on executing it.
Promote before, during and after.
Promote the concept with key influencers.
Promote the details with those who have the power to derail your project.

3) Be open to change and don’t fight it. Don’t let your emotions get in your way.

4) Don’t get obsessed with results. Instead focus on skills expansion.
Spend at least 30 minutes daily on developing skills.
Develop skills in related areas instead of going deeper into your existing skill.

5) Don’t stay with the herd. Network vertically and with your peers.

6) Reliability will only provide you job security. To advance your career focus on big wins over consistency.
The big projects fall into two types, tranformational and crisis resolution.
Transformational projects are risky, instead of being the driver you could be a participant and still benefit from its success.
For crisis resolution don’t put blame on the offending party, what is the point in creating bad blood?

7) Don’t enforce accountability instead offer to help others overcome their failures. Becoming perceived as someone who helps his peers puts you above them and into a leadership role.

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