Adrift With The Devil

Remember the story Dr. Jekyll and Hyde. It is about a man with two opposing characters, one during the day and one at night. We all have a bit of that in us. There is the devil tempting us to our weaknesses and the good trying to lift us from gravity. These are not in balance. In fact a majority of us, about 98% have more of the devil.

Napolean Hill defines the devil as the negative energy that lives within our minds in his new book “Outwitting The Devil”.¬†A book that is remarkably relevant to our times.

You may wonder how that is possible given that Napolean Hill had been dead for more than 4 decades. Napolean Hill was always ahead of his times. In his book ‘Think & Grow Rich” he popularized the concept of the mastermind. His new book was so far ahead of his time that both Napolean and his wife feared the book would provoke adverse reactions.

The devil is not one that we will encounter in our afterlife but one who is right within us. It is the devil that causes us to over indulge in sex, alcohol, drinking, gambling, gossiping, temper tantrums, etc. It is the devil at play when we come back from and plop on the sofa to watch TV neglecting to spend time with the kids or postpone paying our bills. Lest you think you have no responsibility in this at all Napolean reminds us that it is we that willingly let the devil into our lives.

It is the drifters that attract the devil and unless they discover how adrift they are, remain adrift with the devil until the end of their lives.

What defines a drifter. A drifter is a person that lets the environment fashion him. A drifter is a person that accepts whatever life gives him. A drifter does not go against the tide, he does not put in the effort or the sacrifice.

The most important factor to prevent getting adrift with the devil is accurate thinking per Napolean Hill. Once a person starts drifting it gets harder and harder the longer he is adrift. There is hope though. Napolean lists the following things that he can do to get back on trail:


- A major definite purpose

- Self discipline

- learning from adversity/failure

- controlling environmental influence

- developing the habits of positive thinking over negative

- Thinking through your plan before you act


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