About Me

This page is about me but the blog is for you.

Hey there is a lot of great self help stuff out there in the world. Perhaps you may have remained content with your current sources of personal growth and did not feel a desire to venture out. Allow me to show you more. Who knows, it might just be what your true self needs.

There is also a lot of junk, misleading and potentially dangerous information. So allow me to be one of your trusted guides. I have been studying this field for over 15 years!

Naveen's photo

Naveen is a cancer survivor who overcame severe introvertism to go on to earn ‘The most improved speaker’ award from his local Toastmasters club.

At work Naveen is a passionate IT project manager. The ever changing dynamics and the opportunity to contribute to something larger than one’s own effort are some of the things that keep him hooked.

Naveen has several passions outside work. He is a life long student of personal development, passionate about public speaking, writing, reading, maintaining and creating great friendships, and most importantly family – his two toddlers have taught him to love someone deeper than ever thought was possible.