A Key Question For Success In Life – How Do You Learn

If you stop learning you stop growing

If you stop growing you stop living

If you stop living…you start dying.

                                    -Simon T Bailey

 In this article I give you a very simple insight that can explode your learning capacity.

 But first a personal story…

 A funny thing happened while I was growing up.

My Economics teacher commented how pleasantly surprised she was at my performance on her exam. My Mathematics teacher had the opposite reaction. Upon seeing my outstanding performance on his exam he asked if I cheated. Funnily my Physics teacher had the same question while my History teacher was so proud of my performance he had me read my essays out loud.

What just happened?

I was not learning the way the teachers were accustomed to seeing. I was not the one to sit on the front benches, raise hands at every opportunity or ask questions. Instead you would find me on the backbenches with a dreamy look. I was just not engaged.

Real learning took place only outside the class when I studied on my own.

I was a bum inside the class and an ace outside.

If you are the slowest person in the class, if you don’t get what your supervisor is saying, if you are scared of taking on new opportunities because of the learning challenges involved the problem may not be with you as in you being dumb.

It could be that your learning style is not aligned with what is being taught to you.

Ever wondered what your learning style is?

Getting to know how you learn is like switching on the light in a dark room.

Had I discovered my learning style I would have grown up with so much more self assurance.

Imagine how your life could change if you could just accelerate your learning style.

According to Colin Reese and Brian Tracy in their audio program ‘Accelerated Learning Techniques’ you have all the capacity you need to be an excellent learner. To all intents and purposes the basic capacity of the human brain is limitless. Yet we use a fraction of its true potential.

According to Marcus Buckingham in his book “The One Thing You Need To Know” we have 3 predominant learning styles. We could have a mixture of all 3 but generally one style predominates.

These are:

-          Analyzing

-          Doing

-          Watching

 In ‘Analyzing’ you learn by breaking things down. A person with this predominant style of learning is an information junkie. This person needs as much information upfront as possible.Contrary to the myth you don’t learn from your mistakes with this style of learning.

 ‘Doing’ is a hands on learning style. You learn by getting down and dirty. You learn by making mistakes.

In ‘Watching’ you learn by observation. A person with this style of learning is most comfortable learning by watching others show him how it is done.

 To learn more about Marcus Buckingham and his great story check out my blog post http://www.ebook-of-the-week.com/blog/339/personal-growth-success-finding-the-difference-maker/

 If you are now convinced about the importance of learning why don’t you start on possibly the most important subject in your life: YOU Inc.

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