A GREAT strategy For Goal Setting

This is a success technique that is very useful for goal setting.

“Success is goals. Everything else is commentary” – Brian Tracy

Goals are so important that  Brian Tracy wrote an entire book on goal setting.  I highly recommend this book and at the bottom of the page you will see my link to purchase this book.

But getting back to this technique, it was invented by an ex marine called Erik Therwanger after he experienced a few challenging life situations that you and I would never even wish upon our worst enemies.

It was this challenging experience that forged this technique and also his belief:

“Who you are is never defined by good times but by bad times”

So if you are facing some personal challenges at the moment take heart in his counsel.

The success technique can be summarized by the mnemonic GREAT.

G -> Goals

R -> Reasons

E -> Expectations

A -> Action

T -> Tracking

Goals are powerful but there is one simple trick to vastly increase their power, reasons.

The ‘Why’ is more powerful than ‘How’,'Who’,'Where’,'What’ etc.

The ‘E’ reflects the importance of setting high expectations for yourself.

The letter ‘T’ stands for tracking the results of your actions. I know from personal experience the importance of this step. For many months I had been trying to let go of my pound of flesh. Even though my gym had a weighing machine I never weighed myself on it. Therefore my goal to reach a certain weight never appeared to be a concrete aim and never appeared to linger in my consciousness. It was too nebulous.When I finally started tracking my weight after each workout this goal went from being out there somewhere to a very relevant and tangible objective. I have lost 8 pounds since I started tracking it!

This technique applies to both short term and long term goals. If you like me have ever struggled with reconciling long term with short term goals Erik has a great tip. Short term goals can be defined as any goal that needs to be accomplished in 90 days. Long term, any goal that takes more than 90 days. But here is the trick – break long term goals into multiple day runs. Then attack each run as a short term goal.

Sometimes while setting goals we develop a tunnel vision and lose sight of our larger purpose. Therefore develop goals that move us in all dimensions of life. These are:

Faith (Spiritual component. Personally the most neglected part of my life.)

Family + Friends




Now a few points I would like you to pay real attention to.

How did Erik and his family pull through their challenging experiences?

It was all thanks to some advice received from an unlikely source.

His wife’s oncologist.

The trying circumstances that I referred to revolved around Erik’s wife getting cancer. After the initial diagnosis the oncologist pulled Erik aside and advised him that it was important to keep their spirits high.

They took this heart and no matter what circumstances they faced they went through it with the greatest attitude possible.

If you too need to keep your spirits high then I suggest you check out a source for handpicked selection of the best self help books.

Now that you know what you need to do, what do you do?

May I suggest you take a tiny action right now.Do something, anything.


Because you will gain momentum. Once you gain it you can’t help but become successful.

Check out my post on the critical importance of gaining momentum.

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