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Congratulations on reaching this page.

The fact that you are reading this page sets you apart from the huge majority in a very positive way.

For one you are not trolling the web for Facebook or other forms of entertainment.
And if you are, you are still taking time to read this.

And because of your interest in the contents of this website and their promise, you become part of an even smaller minority the so called creative classes who recognize and strive to use our uniquely human gifts of self awareness and will power to elevate our life, our circumstances, develop more meaningful relations and importantly achieve happiness. The kind of happiness that is based on the satisfaction of sustained personal growth and not the kind induced by drugs etc.

You my dear reader are a rarity among web users and deserve to be congratulated. I mean this no matter how low you may be feeling at the moment or how little you think you have accomplished to date.

Take 100% responsibility for your performance.

Shake off rejection and renew your commitment to achieving your goals.

Invest every day in developing your knowledge base and core skills.

Take concrete every action every day toward your goals.

Focus and grow your unique abilities and skills.

Achieve and maintain a high level of motivation and passion.

Change your outcomes by reacting differently to any event.

Decide what you want and enthusiastically pay the price to achieve it.

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The formula for success?

Like you I too am interested in personal growth. I am an average guy who has discovered a success formula that is slowly and steadily reaping dividends for me:

Continually reading great books + taking action = positive results.

While I am an average person I do possess an exceptional trait – finding and reading great self help books.I started on this journey more than 28 years ago. In fact at that time I was so hungry to read books and devoured them so quickly that in the residential school I was living in I used to climb the rear wall of the library and help myself to whatever books I could lay my hands on through the recesses. Needless to say I returned the books after I finished them but of course in the same fashion I borrowed them, from the back :)

Because of my passion and deep exposure to this subject I can offer you self help and motivational books with exceptional content. Books that are short on hype and long on rock solid content. Each and every book that I offer has been personally read and handpicked by me. I guarantee that each book carries a message. A message based on timeless and fundamental principles presented in a forceful and engaging manner. Please note.These books are not written by me but by eminent authors such as Napolean Hill, Jim Rohn etc.

If books were the answer librarians would rule the world

…which brings me to the second part of the formula. Taking action. Look success is not easy. To achieve any reasonably ambitious goal requires the wherewithal to withstand gut wrenching disappointments that are seemingly never ending,rejections,hostility and hard work.

Your self esteem would lie in tatters if you were to do nothing about these hurdles.

Draw on your frustration,dissatisfaction and anger.Stoke them and channel that energy towards sustained success.

And let be your partner alongside.

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Being contented like a cud chewing cow will not help you.

My self help and motivational ebooks are not only educational (ever heard of a motivated idiot) they are also inspirational.Each of my ebooks are designed to be read in an hour or two if you are a reasonably fast reader. So the regular habit of reading will keep your spirit burning. Giving you the energy to pursue your goals.

Actually the regular habit of reading alone can carry you quite far. Even without you taking any action steps consciously. As a young kid I was a very indifferent student chosing to play traunt and spending time with other kids who were anything but academic role models.

But once I started my love affair with books…

  • Books helped me increase my learning skills and vocabulary.
  • Books helped me become a straight A student all the way from junior school to my undergraduate degree.
  • Books helped me score a 99 percentile ranking on the GMAT the very first time I took it.
  • Books helped me discover a career that was suited to my strengths.
  • Books gave me the courage to take the leap from one industry to an entirely different, International Business to Information Technology.

Fair warning,my books are not a golden bullet.

And perhaps this site is not the right place for you if you are not prepared to take action. But if you are then you will benefit from some terrific insights offered in my books.

ebook of the is designed to create meaningful and substantial changes to your way of thinking and enhance your mind powers.

Still not convinced?

Here are some golden nuggets from my books:

-  The best place to find opportunities. Hint – it is right where you are.

-  How to get more of anything you desire, money, etc. Hint – give away whatever you desire without any expectation of a return.

-  What is the common denominator of success? Hint – it is the ability to do what you have to do whether you like it or not.

- One of the greatest mind powers we possess and how to develop it further. Hint – the power of visualization.

- How to get answers to anything. Hint – shift from reacting to creating.

- An easy mental model to guide our journey from lower consciousness to higher. Hint – the ladder of selves.

- A secret weapon for sustained life long success. Hint – find what you want to be good at and then practice. Obvious? yes common? no!

- The most important step towards prosperity. Hint – develop an abundance mentality.

- A simple technique to focus the mind on positive thinking and away from negative thinking. Hint – use the rubber band technique to snap yourself out of a negative thought and thereby break the pattern.

- A key principle that determines the quality of your life. Hint – communication. How you communicate with others and with yourself.

All in all I offer more than 300 distinctions from more than 30 best selling self help and motivational book downloads.

These help you discover the keys to success, set and achieve goals, increase your self confidence, self esteem, self mastery and mental powers.

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Someday is here

It is just a dollar but again it is not just about the dollar.

I understand.

I am ready to plunk a dollar down (heck far more than that) for a trinket at a junk shop than spend one dollar for a valuable but intangible product. Here is why,there are so many websites screaming to offer the moon for just a buck that we are understandably skeptical.

However it is better to decide one way or the other other than sit on a fence. If you move away from this page thinking you will come back to this page later I can tell you that it will not happen. It will be a lost opportunity. Here is a personal story on one such lost opportunity. Sometime back I clicked on a link from a twitter update. It was a video of someone making an impassioned speech. Not a famous self help guru, but I don’t ever recall registering such a strong effect to a speech. It clicked with me like never before.So much that just that one speech resulted in a bahavior change in me.This guy also happened to offer product that I was very interested in buying but decided to come back later. Not because I could not afford it but due to my discomfort at spending money.Alas the name and website link are long gone from memory.

If after reading this deep into the page you have good vibes about it then perhaps you should take the plunge.

If you decide not to take my offer then no hard feelings. I wish you the best. You may still want to register to get free updates from my thinking skills blog.

If you decide to take up my one dollar offer well then… you have become part of an even smaller minority. The ones that take action.
Have I some great bonuses for you or what. Check out what you get in addition to the 30 plus ebook downoads:

Bonus Offers
Practical Smarts

Practical Smarts – A collection of the smartest, most practical insights from some of the best minds.

This is my newest and proudest offer. 122 pages of pure content. It is yours when you subscribe. You can keep it even if you unsubscribe. Click here to read more details.

True Stories of Personal Power

True Success Stories – An Inspirational & Motivational Collection.

Can you ever have too much inspiration? I have selected some of the most inspiring and powerful true stories in this special gift for you. It is yours when you subscribe. You can keep it even if you unsubscribe.

As A Man Thinketh MP# Bonues

As A Man Thinketh By James Allen.

One of the most acclaimed books of all time. Robin Sharma hails this as a book that every one needs to read twice an year. This is the MP3 version of the book. You will receive the PDF version as part of your regularly scheduled books.

TGR Book Cover

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

The gold standard for inspirational, motivational and success books. More people attribute their success to this one book than any other written in recent times. A life changing book like this comes only once in a long period. And now you can have this for free!


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